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Art#: 33812 Namn:


Ancho (mm) 540
Ancho del paquete (mm) 365
Altura del paquete (mm) 194
Profundidad del paquete (mm) 90
Necesita pilas No
Grüner Punkt
Design Stories Erik

How a product is born

Designing products for BRIO is a process filled with love and care. And with lots of attention to details.

Nuestra filosofia

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Art#: 33812 Namn:

Apto para niños a partir de 3 años

FSC C133361 New 100 Wood Portrait Blackonwhite R Ogoxsf

Responsibly managed wood

All of our wooden toys are made from FSC® certified wood (lic. no. FSC-C133361))


We love this planet

By continuously improving our way of working, we can minimize our footprint and give children a happy childhood as well as a bright future.

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